That looks awful!! Can I have a bite??

I’m sitting on my couch, trying to decide what to make for breakfast today.  Yes, I know it is 11:30 am but I now have the apartment to myself so I can take my time with this.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for baked eggs in a ramekin.  I immedieately thought of the 4 ramekins that I bought for $1 at Walgreens the other day.

To qote Phineas and Ferb I announced, “Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!”  I’m going to make baked eggs with spinach and bacon and roasted tomatoes and fresh basil.

As I was picking some basil from my potted herb plant outside, I was thinking about watching the Food Network with my son yesterday.  He will try just about any food and I now believe that taste buds have a genetic link.  We both like sushi and avoid desserts unless it is carrot cake or has lemon in there somewhere.  On the other hand, my daughter will only eat something doused in chocolate.  That is evident in our recent trip to Jilly’s Cupcake Bar yesterday. (Oh….maybe my next blog….)

As my son and I watched various shows, we oohed and ahhed over the recipes.  Then came the moment that we both stopped dead in our tracks.  Paula Dean’s Home Cooking came on.  The words hamburger, egg, and doughnut were used in the same sentence.  We even hit record on the DVR so we could watch it again to make sure we had it right.

Paula was making a “Ladies Brunch” for some of her friends that day.  From the picture you can see that it began like a grilled hamburger but instead of buns, she used 2 glazed doughnuts.  My son and I watched in awe and disbelief as she made this and then devoured it on TV.  Here is the picture and the link to the recipe on Food Network.

The Lady’s Brunch Burger on the Food Network.

When it was over, my son leaned over to me and whispered, “I know it’s bad for you, but I bet it tastes really good mom”.

It was then I realized that even though I was appalled by it, I had a strong desire to take a bite.  I then began to giggle and said, “I bet it does.”


About Bless Yous and Smarshmallows

Single mom of 2 kiddo's that make me laugh every day. Teacher and part time rocker in a band. I love to read, travel, watch cooking shows, and enjoy desserts with my friends.
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