My son, the “Cooker”

My son has a list of all the things he wants to be when he grows up.  This list includes an astronaut, a “flyer” (pilot), a police officer (until he found out that you have to get tazed in the academy and that bad guys sometimes have guns), and of course a “cooker” (chef).  He does have the desire to become a “cooker” while flying.  We’ll make sure to ask his college of choice if they offer an aero-space-culinary degree while on the tour.

After an afternoon of hearing “I’m bored…” from my darling children, I asked them if they would like to help me cook dinner.  My daughter gave her usual “Ugh” and returned to her latest purchase of cotton candy trees on Farmville.  My son was very excited and eagerly ran into the kitchen to help me make Chicken Picatta.

After washing hands and finding the step-stool, he was put in charge of taking a meat tenderizer to the chicken tenderloins.  I couldn’t find chicken cutlets at the store so this was the next best thing.  As I opened the package I had to explain that yes, it came from a real chicken and the little spot of blood would cook off.  My son quickly got over touching raw chicken and began flattening the pieces.  We had to find the happy medium of barely hitting the chicken and disintegrating it.  Also, there is a difference between the spiked end and the flat end of the mallet.

As I got the pan hot with cooking spray and olive oil, my son began to coat the chicken pieces in flour.  The first two were perfectly coated but I guess his attention began to slip and he began rolling them like sausages.  As I was unrolling the chicken, I noticed the oil was burning.  I was able to turn the burner down and got a few pieces in right before the smoke detector went off.  I ran to do the old trick of fanning the detector with a kitchen towel.  When I came back, there was flour all over the counters and he was throwing half covered chicken cutlets in the frying pan.  When the smoke detector went off for the 4th time, my son said “I’ll just stay in the hall, you can finish cooking”.

The meal was great and definitely a keeper for us but hopefully next time my kitchen will hold up better.


About Bless Yous and Smarshmallows

Single mom of 2 kiddo's that make me laugh every day. Teacher and part time rocker in a band. I love to read, travel, watch cooking shows, and enjoy desserts with my friends.
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3 Responses to My son, the “Cooker”

  1. BusyIrishMama says:

    Maybe starting him out with hotdogs would be a good idea…Alex is such a funny boy! You always make me smile D!

  2. explodyfull says:

    hahahaha great story! I hope you can get him back in the kitchen to help again soon

  3. I can’t wait to hear what university has the aero-space-culinary degree! He is such a smart and creative kid!

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