That looks awful!! Can I have a bite??

I’m sitting on my couch, trying to decide what to make for breakfast today.  Yes, I know it is 11:30 am but I now have the apartment to myself so I can take my time with this.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for baked eggs in a ramekin.  I immedieately thought of the 4 ramekins that I bought for $1 at Walgreens the other day.

To qote Phineas and Ferb I announced, “Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today!”  I’m going to make baked eggs with spinach and bacon and roasted tomatoes and fresh basil.

As I was picking some basil from my potted herb plant outside, I was thinking about watching the Food Network with my son yesterday.  He will try just about any food and I now believe that taste buds have a genetic link.  We both like sushi and avoid desserts unless it is carrot cake or has lemon in there somewhere.  On the other hand, my daughter will only eat something doused in chocolate.  That is evident in our recent trip to Jilly’s Cupcake Bar yesterday. (Oh….maybe my next blog….)

As my son and I watched various shows, we oohed and ahhed over the recipes.  Then came the moment that we both stopped dead in our tracks.  Paula Dean’s Home Cooking came on.  The words hamburger, egg, and doughnut were used in the same sentence.  We even hit record on the DVR so we could watch it again to make sure we had it right.

Paula was making a “Ladies Brunch” for some of her friends that day.  From the picture you can see that it began like a grilled hamburger but instead of buns, she used 2 glazed doughnuts.  My son and I watched in awe and disbelief as she made this and then devoured it on TV.  Here is the picture and the link to the recipe on Food Network.

The Lady’s Brunch Burger on the Food Network.

When it was over, my son leaned over to me and whispered, “I know it’s bad for you, but I bet it tastes really good mom”.

It was then I realized that even though I was appalled by it, I had a strong desire to take a bite.  I then began to giggle and said, “I bet it does.”

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Let the teenage drama games begin……

As the mother of a 9 year old going on 25 year old daughter, I have been anxiously awaiting for the arguing, eye rolling, and sighing to rear it’s ugly head.  Honestly, there are times I’ve wished I could react to a stressful situation by rolling my eyes and storming off into another room.  Slamming doors may be therapeutic.

I left my last blog saying, “that made me giggle.”  I was reminded of the first time my daughter slammed her bedroom door on me.  Not a moment you would expect to giggle, I know.  I’m trying to make a strong finish in my run for “Mother of the Year”.  I haven’t had a good showing since we had pop tarts for dinner.

I have learned that when my son is on the edge of a meltdown, I have to walk a fine line between being firm, supportive, or throw in a heavy dose of laughter.  My daughter is easy to bring back from the edge of the cliff.  Laughter.  Well until one day…

After coming home from school one afternoon, my daughter sat down and tried to finish her homework.  She was asking for help with a worksheet on animal habitats.  As a teacher myself, I tend to answer questions with a question.  This drives my daughter nuts.

“Why don’t you just help me!”

“I am helping you.”

“This isn’t helping!!!”

After several directed questions, my daughter came up with the answer to the question.  Being a supportive mother, I said “Yes! Write that down!”  With that she replied, “Write what down?”  I then began to laugh, thinking she would also laugh, calm down and get back to work.  Wrong……  I seemed to have missed the internal drama switch flip at that very moment.

After slamming her head on the coffee table and making a noise that sounded like a dying cat, I tried more humor.  Again, Wrong…..

She got up, stomped into her room and slammed the door.  BAM!  One minute later, I heard the door open, the sound of crumpled paper, and the door slam again.  BAM!

After stifling the giggles and respecting her need to get away from me, I went to her door and found this…


I then decided to give her a bit more time.  Actually, I needed to compose myself again.

After 5 minutes and with my best attempt to put on my “understanding face”, I knocked on her door.  I heard a little voice say, “Come in.”.

I walked in to find her sprawled on her bed with her school folder across her face.  Which I was very thankful for because I needed to put my “understanding” face back on.

I laid down next to her, cuddled in and said I was sorry.  I saw the corners of her mouth turn up.  She was putting up a pretty good fight.  She wanted to be mad at me.  I asked if she needed any help and she showed me her page.  It was completed!  So after a few more giggles we went about the rest of our day.

It was the most polite door slam I have ever heard of.  I’m hoping that this behavior continues well through her 30’s but I do know that I will not be so lucky in the future.

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So this is what accomplishment feels like!!

Denise – 1       Procrastination-3,826,173 -0     (I hit the reset button today.)

I can officially say I have completed 1 task from  my “Bucket List”!

  1.  START A BLOG!!!!

When I hit “publish” I do expect to hear a chorus of angels singing Handel’s Alleluia Chorus.

Other items on my list are organize the hall closet and one day, see the Pyramids.  I don’t expect to make a trip to Egypt any time soon and I would rather get my eyebrows waxed than organize a closet.

Why a blog you ask?  Well, I like to write.  I have notebooks and file folders filled with story ideas and bits and pieces of stories.  Many years ago, the idea of a perfect, relaxing day was to get a brand new notebook, a $3.00 pen, go sit in a bookstore coffee house, and just write.   My stories are not finished and the idea of editing them is frightening.  Even though I am a teacher, I have the worst grammar, as you will begin to notice.  I grade enough writing in a day that I try to avoid correcting mine.

So after I made a decision about writing a blog, I needed to decide what I was going to write about.  Well, what do I like to do?

  1. Play on Pinterest.  No one wants to read how I’m excited to make my own Febreeze spray this weekend.
  2. I like to cook, well I like to eat.   Many times I just order sushi or beg my friends to go out for happy hour .
  3. I like to read, but all I can say after I read a book is “I liked it.” Or “I didn’t like it.”  Also I have a fantastic book club for those discussions.

I looked at some blogs from friends of mine.  One friend from college is writing a blog about her numerous and hilarious adventures from Sri Lanka.  We have many great and hilarious adventures of our own from college but I spent quite a bit of money on therapy to erase those memories.  I thought about why I enjoyed reading her blog so much.  Aside from remembering why I don’t live in a foreign country, I realized that I laugh and smile every time I read it.

What makes me smile?  Lots of things.  Getting my nails done, texting  my boyfriend while he works his midnight shift, having a glass of wine with my besties, and watching Duck Dynasty.  But what makes me smile the most, is my kids.  They make me laugh, cry, want to pull my hair out, want to ship them off to live with my sister in China, but they make me smile like no other thing in this world.

Now I have a blog about my kids.  More like what makes me smile which means 90% will be about my kids.  The name.  This comes from my son.  Bless Yous are what he calls sneezes.  It makes sense.  When you sneeze, someone says “Bless You!”.  With the onset of allergy season, many conversations begin with “Mom!  I’m blessuing all day!!!”  See, he can even conjugate it!  Smarshmallows are marshmallows.  It’s like when  a kid says psaghetti.   I’m sure he will eventually outgrow it.  I can’t seem to correct him, it’s so cute.  I do realize that I am setting him up for a beating one day from a kid that makes fun of him for it.  I can see it now, my son, 14 years old, walking in the door with a black eye.

“Did you know they are NOT called Smarshmallows!?!?!”

“Um, yes.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”.

“It made me giggle…”

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